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Concrete Lifting & Leveling

We fix sunken driveways, patios, stairs, carports, and sidewalks!

Don't replace it. Fix it for a fraction of the cost!

If weather and aging have turned your smooth and flat concrete surfaces into a cracked and unlevel mess, we have ways to fix it without completely replacing the concrete.

Uneven walking surface can lead to tripping, falling, and serious legal liability issues.

We use expanding foam to lift and level your concrete surfaces.​ Our process is simple, easy, and long-lasting. It’s amazing how much better your property looks when your driveway, sidewalks, and patios are level and even.

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5-Star Rating on Google Reviews

Gulf Coast Foundations has a 5-star rating on TrustPilot for our work with Concrete Leveling and Lifting

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Warning Signs of Concrete Settling:

Sunken Stairs or Patios

Settling and subsurface water movement can disturb, weaken, and migrate soil and subsoil causing heavy concrete structures like patios and stairs to begin to crack, heave, and sink.

Settling Porch

A settling or sinking porch can be a sign of serious movement and sinking of the foundation or footings. The sooner these issues are addressed, the less damage is likely to occur.

Water Pooling Near Foundation

Pooling water near your home's slab, patio, driveway, or carports can be a symptom of voids in subsoil (beneath and around concrete structures). These situations should be dealt with immediately to prevent damage from worsening.

Voids and Washouts

Subsurface voids and washed out areas are typically caused by water movement in the soil beneath. This water movement during hard rains can migrate large amounts of soil and subsoil away from its original location, causing voids and a high risk for collapse.

Heavy Cracking and Heaving

Widening or splitting cracks in concrete slabs, especially when the the cracks create a ledge, is a strong symptom that material under a slab as settled or migrated. This causes the weight of the slab to no longer be evenly supported underneath and leads to cracks and heaving.


Has your concrete settled? cracks and uneven ledges?

We'll fix it permanently.


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Finding out that your concrete slabs and surfaces have settled can be scary.

We’re here to guide you through your options and how you can correct the problem affordably and permanently.

Gulf Coast Foundation's
4-Step Concrete Leveling Process

Step 1:

Free on-site analysis.

Our concrete lifting expert will schedule an on-site appointment and provide a no-cost multi-point inspection, recommend an action plan, and immediately provide you with an affordable quote.

Step 2:

Mark and Drill

We’ll identify all of the areas where lifting foam needs to be injected, analyze the best positions, and then mark and drill small holes.

Step 3:

Inject Foam Leveler

Our machines inject the foam leveling material which expands as it dries to bring the surface back to level. We constantly observe and measure the slap as it is lifted.

Step 4:

Repair Holes

Once the surface is perfectly level, we fill and seal the injection holes and make the surface completely flush and smooth.

Concrete cracking, heaving, or settling?

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Before you go with a big national brand for foundation work, give us a call. We’re locally owned and operated, and nine times out of ten we’ll beat their quote and quality of work by a mile.

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5-Star Rating on Google Reviews

Gulf Coast Foundations has a 5-star rating on TrustPilot for our work with Concrete Leveling and Lifting

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